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Angels on Duty is passionate about supporting people with disabilities and helping them meet their goals. All our disability support workers provide services according to the needs of our participants and their family. We will treat you with respect and the care you deserve as well as help you develop life skills in order to achieve your goals. We have a range of services available to you including daily living support, community access, assistance with transportation/travel, community nursing, support coordination, behavioural therapy, holiday programs and accommodation. We provide support and services with short, medium and long-term accommodation as well as travel beyond borders. We also assist you with moving to SIL houses. Click below for more information or contact us directly on 1300 AODUTY/ 0450307477


Assistance with Daily Living




Assistance with community access and social activities


Community Nursing


Support co-ordination & Behavioural Therapy

Extra Services
Improved Daily Living and Living Arrangements

We can arrange supports and services which will improve your everyday routine. Our support workers will help you meet your needs by finding new and improved ways that includes better living arrangements with modern technology and development of independent skills in order to give a smooth transition to your life.


We can arrange you with transport to community access and social outings as well as personal outings which may include recreational, employment and vocational purposes. Our aim is to help you live as independent as possible through supports that enhance your ability to travel and use public transport.

Improved Relationships

Our support worker can work with you to improve the relationships with the people around you. This includes organising events, caring for your family and improving the relationship between you and those people who matter the most to you.

Assistive Technology

We can design and build the facilities within your home including equipment or building
structures, fixtures or fittings catered to your needs in order to enable you to live
independently and safely at home.

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